Zdobienie / Decoration

NGC 869 oraz NGC 884 – Double Cluster

Zdobienie / Decoration

NGC 869 oraz NGC 884 – Double Cluster

Also known as Caldwell 14 or open clusters NGC 869 and NGC 884, ( often designated h Persei and χ Persei, respectively), which are close together in the constellation Perseus. Both visible with the naked eye, NGC 869 and NGC 884 lie at a distance of 7,500 light years.

There are more than 300 blue-white super-giant stars in each of the clusters. The clusters are also blueshifted, with NGC 869 approaching Earth at a speed of 39 km/s (24 mi/s) and NGC 884 approaching at a similar speed of 38 km/s (24 mi/s). Their hottest main sequence stars are of spectral type B0.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_Cluster

Double Cluster / Caldwell 14 / Open clusters NGC 869 / NGC 884

remember the first time, I saw both clusters in the eyepiece of my
old Newton 1000/200 [mm]. My eye stuck to the lens. I couldn’t take
my eyes off it.

Unfortunately, I did not capture both clusters as I would like, the coma corrector was not well matched as seen on the edge of the frame. It will be better next time. I promise 😉

Photos taken on August 2019 at Bieszczady with PTMA rally.

Canon EOS 6D, SkyWatcher Newton 1000/200 [mm], F5, coma corrector,

  • Composition:
    Astro Pixel Processor,
  • Processing:
    GIMP v2.10.14 + plug-ins (Linux),
  • Lights:
    24 x 96[s]
    ISO 1250,
  • Flats,
    Darks, Bias.


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