Zdobienie / Decoration


Zdobienie / Decoration
Bielsko-Biala city - view from drone

First video shoots as a drone pilot

You will know half of the views from the photos I published earlier (FB, Instagram, TikTok), but there are also new ones. I’ve combined everything together into one video clip.Beautiful weather for a few days allowed me to enjoy the new gadget. Photos taken in two locations in Bielsko-Biała city

Sunset - Certe Greek island near Sitia city

Sunset – Certe Greek island – Sitia city

Every day, a very strong west wind blew. On the rusty and slightly wobbly railing of the terrace of the apartment where I was staying, I set my phone on a small tripod. I’ve configured the settings for the timelapse and went out, to get something to drink. When I

Astroberry - external power supply

Homemade power supply for Astroberry

84 [W] of power is enough, for all connect devices powered from USB ports of the Astroberry.The output voltage of the power supply is standard 12 VDC.RaspBerry Pi 4, which is the “heart” of Astroberry, it is powered by 5 VDC as standard. My own Astroberry design is powered by

EQDIRect home made in use

EQDIRect home made

   The next step with improving my astrophotography setup with open source available solutions.From my point of view, the GOTO controller is super convenient and practical device for use, when I want to look at interesting objects of the night sky, with my own eye through the eyepiece attached to

PGC 13696 Spiral Galaxy - crop

PGC 13696 – Spiral galaxy

   PGC 13696 – Spiral Galaxy is just to the right of the star “Electra” and is barely visible. The brightness of this galaxy is just over 17 magnitudes.     My small telescope with a focal length of 420 mm and F 2.8 with range of 12.7 magnitudes, will not

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