Zdobienie / Decoration

Adding the comet coordinates C/2019 Y4 (Atlas) to GOTO into NEQ6Pro

Zdobienie / Decoration

Adding the comet coordinates C/2019 Y4 (Atlas) to GOTO into NEQ6Pro

You will find information about the coordinates of C/2019 Y4 (Atlas) in the Stellarium on your computer. My computer version of Stellarium is 0.19.3. A description of how to add a new object, to the Stellarium database can be found here.

Run Stellarium and go to the object search, click the magnifying glass – Search window (F3).

Stellarium – search window

In the search field, enter C/2019 Y4. The search engine will complete the rest of the entry itself. Click the magnifying glass

Stellarium search windows – atlas comet

The program will automatically set the sky to the object. Additional information about the selected object will appear on the left side of the screen. We are interested only in one line containing the entry RA / DEC (J2000.0): 8h28m42.06s/+68°28’08.4″ being the coordinates of the object at present. Please note that, when you read this description, the coordinates of the object will be completely different. The object is constantly moving and changing its position in the sky. Rewrite these coordinates or take a photo by phone, now go to the GOTO controller system.

NEQ6Pro GOTO – user object configuration

Now we need to add, a new user object on the GOTO system controller. Go to the Object List → User Objects → New Object menu and press Enter on the controller keyboard.

The controller will display information asking for the type of coordinates. Enter Coordi .: 1) RA-Dec 2) AzAlt. We are interested in the first position 1) RA-Dec, press the 1 key on the controller.

Using the available controller keyboard, enter the comet’s coordinates: 8h28.4m +68°28

After entering the coordinates, press the Enter key to confirm.

The controller will ask whether to save the entered data, press Enter again

Select the number under the object will to be saved, in this example it is the first item # 01 on the list of user objects. Press Enter to confirm your selection.

After saving the data in the GOTO system, you can now set up the telescope mount on our comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS). Go to the controller menu and select Object List → User Objects → User vol. # 01 → Recall Object and confirm with Enter.

Jak widać montaż ustawił się na kometę. Gotowe!

As you can see, the mount has positioned itself on the comet. Ready!

NEQ6Pro with SynScan v4 controller – set


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