Zdobienie / Decoration

NEQ6Pro SynScan v4 holder

Zdobienie / Decoration

NEQ6Pro SynScan v4 holder

The original SynScan v4 controller handle from the NEQ6Pro mount, broke an ear. A new replacement costs an average of EUR 22 + an average of EUR 14 shipping costs. Thus, for a piece of plastic and material you have to pay an average of EUR 36. After a quick conversion into PLN currency, the price effectively discouraged me from shopping. The cost is about PLN 150 gross. Insane!

Zepsuty uchwyt SynScan v4
SynScan v4 holder – broken ear

With a glue I’ve tried to stick the broken ear. A quarter was served and the ear fell off again. This was useless, but that was to be expected. I had hope and illusion that maybe it would server longer time when it was glued. Did not.

Some time ago, I bought a 3D printer. I tough I’d try to print replacement handle or similar solution to original and it would be 1 / fifty or a hundredth of the retail price with original replacement.

SynScanv4 plastikowy uchwyt
SynScan v4 printed plastic holder
SynScanv4 plastikowy uchwyt
SynScanv4 plastic holder – attached to the NEQ6Pro tripod tray. The metal pin prevents accidental slipping of the handle, under the self weight of the controller

The first version I found on the copyweb seemed to be the best for my needs. The original object turned out to be corrupted and the printed handle ended up in the trash. As I found out later, the models available on the web for free, like to contain various – let’s say – errors.

SynScanv4 plastikowy uchwyt
Printed plastic holder – SynScan v4 controller in the tray

The second version I found on the web, was much better so hurray! I’m printing! And what? I was in deep ass again. Despite the author’s declaration, the dimensions did not match my SynScan v4 controller. The original object handle was prepared for SynScan controller v5 :/

SynScanv4 plastikowy uchwyt
SynScan v4 plastic holder – mounted in the tripod tray of NEQ6Pro

I’m not giving up, tough. I’ll rebuild the original model to fit the dimensions, but how? This is time where Blender’s lessons learning a hard time began. Let me tell you that it is not easy, but if you really want, everything is possible.

SynScan v4 plastikowy uchwyt
SynScan v4 plastic holder with metal pin to lock holdef from tripod try of NEQ6Pro

After many hours and two more test prints, I’ve changed the model and basically learned the basics of Blender how to use it. Now, preparing simple shapes is not a problem for me anymore. After modifying the original model and printing the final version, everything fits with my NEQ6Pro 🙂 Cost? Funny, even if I count the defective prints that I did during studied with Blender.

If you are interested in the presented holder for your controller, please contact me. I will prepare a one pcs for you.

As of today – until stocks last the approximate prices are:

One copy costs: 12 EUR gross

The cost of delivery must be calculated individually. Depend on your country.

You can find a contact to me on the right – widget with e-mail address.


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