Zdobienie / Decoration

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Zdobienie / Decoration
Barnard 33 na tle IC 434, NGC 2023, NGC 2024, ASAS 053739-0146.3 background

Barnard 33 with IC 434, NGC 2023, NGC 2024, ASAS 053739-0146.3

My earlier publications presented the most representative objects of this frame, in quite detail. Now I am pleased to show you the entire frame, from which by earlier subjects based so much. Technical information Location: La Palma at 12.2020, Equipment: ATIK Horizon RGB, Hypergraph TS 420mm f/2,8 OTA PH6, iOptron

NGC 2024

NGC 2024 – Flame Nebula

Emission nebula in the constellation Orion. It’s around 1,500 ly away from Earth. The shape looks like a fired flame or a torch with an angular diameter of about 0.5 °, visible in the sky near the star Alnitak. The Flame Nebula has a reddish hue in visible light, which

B33,M42,M78,NGC 1977,NGC 2024

M 42 / B 33 / NGC 1977 / NGC 2024 / M 78

Compared to amateur telescopes, it is literally a wider look with the 200 [mm], F 2.8 lens at a group of objects in the Bernard’s Loop. However the loop itself is not visible on picture (caught small piece in the lower left corner – red cloud), and the main subject

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