Zdobienie / Decoration

Homemade power supply for Astroberry

Zdobienie / Decoration

Homemade power supply for Astroberry

84 [W] of power is enough, for all connect devices powered from USB ports of the Astroberry.
The output voltage of the power supply is standard 12 VDC.
RaspBerry Pi 4, which is the “heart” of Astroberry, it is powered by 5 VDC as standard. My own Astroberry design is powered by 12 VDC, through an voltage converter… I will skip further details, this is a topic for a separate article on my website, which is slowly being created.
Small size of power supply allows me, to take it wherever I go with astrophotography equipment.
I use the built power supply to power others devices like f.e. the ATIK Horizon color camera, or the NEQ6Pro or iOptron equatorial mount. For almost a year, it works very well, every time I use it. So far it has never let me down.

Astroberry - external power supply - operational
Astroberry - external power supply - operational
PSU technical specification

Power input

  • mains power supply 230[AC],
  • standard computer power socket,
  • current protection 630[mA],
  • anti-interference protection,
  • two-state rocker switch,


Power output

  • voltage: 12 [V] DC
  • max. current: 7 [A]
  • current protection: 7 [A]
  • electrical and electromagnetic interference protection
  • LED power status
  • 2-pin male power socket, compatible with PERUN power socket (link to the article) and PERUN II (beta tests on going), the same power patch cords of devices can be used.


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