Zdobienie / Decoration

Barnard 33 with IC 434, NGC 2023, NGC 2024, ASAS 053739-0146.3

Zdobienie / Decoration

Barnard 33 with IC 434, NGC 2023, NGC 2024, ASAS 053739-0146.3

My earlier publications presented the most representative objects of this frame, in quite detail. Now I am pleased to show you the entire frame, from which by earlier subjects based so much.


Technical information

  • Location: La Palma at 12.2020,
  • Equipment: ATIK Horizon RGB,
  • Hypergraph TS 420mm f/2,8 OTA PH6,
  • iOptron CEM25p with small self made tuning.


  • Composition: APP
  • Processing: APP, RawTherapee, GIMP + add-ons (Linux),
  • Lights: 170 x 60[s] (2h 50min.),
  • Calibration frames: Flats, Bias, Darks.


Objects presented earlier for the record

Barnard 33 (B33) with IC 434Horsehead Nebula in a hydrogen bubble bath as the background of the Emission Nebula. More details: https://astrophotography.pekdar.net/en/barnard-33-horsehead-nebula/

NGC 2023 – Emission and Reflection Nebula, More details: https://astrophotography.pekdar.net/en/ngc-2023-emission-and-reflection-nebula/

NGC 2024 – Flame Nebula, More details: https://astrophotography.pekdar.net/en/ngc-2024-flame-nebula/

ASAS 053739-0146.3 (USNOA2 0825-01610019) – Variable star Mira Cet type, More details: https://astrophotography.pekdar.net/en/asas-053739-0146-3-usnoa2-0825-01610019-variable-star-mira-cet-type/



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