Zdobienie / Decoration

Moon – first quarter

Zdobienie / Decoration

Moon – first quarter

My first moon photo. It took me a long time to take a photo with moon, but somehow I couldn’t get together in myself with this topic. When I collected the light frames and movie, I delayed again myself to get to work with it. Maybe the reason was that to take photos of the sun, moon or planets is a totally new topic for me. Finally I took together in myself, sat down my ass on chair and the fun with hard work has began. During my struggles with the AutoStakkert program and photo processing, some additional were created, let’s call it …. never mind for now. When it’s ready, you’ll find out.

Moon – first quarter – 02.4.2020

Pictures taken near Bielsko-Biała at 02.4.2020.


  • Canon EOS 6D + coma corrector + filter IDAS LPS-D2 48mm + projection eyepiece DS-GSO 42[mm] CSV 2”,
  • Newton CT10 250/1200 [mm], F4,8,
  • NEQ6Pro mod.

Light Frames:

  • 114 x ISO 12.800, 0,00025[s],
  • RAW files of .CR2 with conversion to .TIFF (16-bit) file type, 5488×3662 [px].


  • AutoStakkert v. 2.6.8
  • RawTherapee v.5.8
  • Gimp v. 2.10.14


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