Zdobienie / Decoration

Milky Way

Zdobienie / Decoration

Milky Way

Our galaxy contains a bar, which astronomers have proven some time ago and what you can not see in these photos. Well … the equipment available to professional astronomers allows them to see what a regular camera with a 200 [mm] lens certainly won’t see for us. Apparently, our galaxy has about 400 billion stars, estimated. I was wondering… how they estimated it?

Milky Way / Droga Mleczna


In the pictures presented, an expert and familiar eye will see many well-known and often photographed objects. What? Where? Well I’ll leave it you to discover in these photos. One of the photo presents the most visible ones.

Milky Way - less stars / Droga Mleczna - mniej gwiazd


Photos taken at 02 Jun 2019 on Tenerife, exactly in the place next to “God’s finger”.

Milky Way with crops


Equipment: Canon EOS 6D with a Canon Canon EF 24-105 [mm] F3.5-5.6 IS STM lens, on a glued iOptron CEM 25 mount, which I accidentally crashed on beton.

  • Composition:
    Astro Pixel Processor v1.077-6,
  • Processing:
    GIMP v2.10.14 + plug-ins (Linux),
  • Lights:
    10 x 60[s]
  • Flats:
    42 ISO-1000,
  • Darks:
    14 ISO-1000,
  • Bias:
    20 ISO-1000


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