Zdobienie / Decoration

Albireo (Beta Cygni, β Cyg)

Zdobienie / Decoration

Albireo (Beta Cygni, β Cyg)

Is a double star designated Beta Cygni (β Cygni, abbreviated Beta Cyg, β Cyg). Beta Cygni is about 415 light-years (127 pc) away from the Sun. When viewed with the naked eye, Albireo appears to be a single star. However, in a telescope it resolves into a double star consisting of β Cygni A (amber, apparent magnitude 3.1), and β Cygni B (blue-green, apparent magnitude 5.1). Separated by 35 seconds of arc,[16] the two components provide one of the best contrasting double stars in the sky due to their different colors.


Albireo (Beta Cygni, β Cyg)

Somehow I have a weakness for this pair of stars. Whenever I look at them through the telescope eyepiece, I am fascinated with their colors and that they are so close together.

Albireo (Beta Cygni, β Cyg) with zoom

I’ve collected light frames with few different sessions. Photos taken on 2019 at Zwardoń and Bieszczady during PTMA rally.

Albireo (Beta Cygni, β Cyg) with less stars

  • Equipment: Canon EOS 6D, SkyWatcher Newton 1000/200 [mm], F5, coma corrector, NEQ6Pro.,
  • Composition: Astro Pixel Processor,
  • Processing: GIMP + plug-ins (Linux).


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