Zdobienie / Decoration

Altair (Alfa Aquilae)

Zdobienie / Decoration

Altair (Alfa Aquilae)

Altair (Alfa Aquilae) – It is on twelfth position in terms of brightness, on the night sky. The brightest in the constellation of the Eagle. The distance between our Sun and Altair is 16.7 light years. Moves one degree in the sky in about 5000 years.

Photographs (March 2019) made in Zwardoń. A standard place of meetings of the Polish association of astronomy enthusiasts – Katowice dep.
Equipment: Canon EOS 6D, Sky-Watcher 200/1000 [mm] on the EQ6 Pro.

Composition: APP (16 best frames and Dark frames and only one Flat)
Processing: GIMP v2.10.14 + add-ons (Linux)
Lights: 16 x 38[s], ISO-1600;

Altair (Alfa Aquilae)Altair – new processing – photo file size: 110 MB


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