Zdobienie / Decoration

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Zdobienie / Decoration
M71 / NGC 6838

M71 (NGC 6838)

M71 (NGC 6838) is a globular cluster in the constellation Sagitta.The star cluster is at a distance of about 12,000 light years away from Earth and spans some 27 light years across. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messier_71 Photographs (March 2019) made in Zwardoń. A standard place of meetings of the Polish association of

Orion Nebula (M42 or NGC 1976)

M42 ( NGC 1976) – Great nebula in Orion

Imageprocessing improvement skills in progress. Below you can see a photofor comparison, that it is really worth improving own skills in imageprocessing and it does not necessarily have to be done with paidPixInside, which will do 80% of the work automatically for the user.You can do the whole process yourself

M101 / NGC 5457 – Pinwheel Galaxy

M101 (NGC 5457) – Pinwheel Galaxy

M101 (NGC 5457) – Pinwheel Galaxy – a spiral galaxy with a weak nucleus and very well developed arms in the constellation Ursa Major. Brightness is 7.9 Magnitude.The diameter of M101 is 170 000 light years, and its mass is approximately equal to 180 billion solar masses. It’s 21 million

M13 - head

M13 – Cluster of Hercules

Same Light frames (made 30.3.2019) has been processed but with new technique. M13 –Cluster of Hercules – Brightness is 5.8 Magnitude. The cluster’sdiameter is 145 light years! The distance from the ground is 25.1thousand light years. Photographs (March 2019) made in Zwardoń. A standard place of meetings of the Polish

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